How to Write a Love Letter with Your True Feelings

Writing a love letter to someone means telling them much more than your love for them. It makes an even deeper impact when you tell them that you respect them too. It matters even more when you tell them what you love and respect about them and why!

When you tell someone how much you admire them, it works as one of the most powerful tools to create space in their heart for you. So your love letter should be much more than just a letter full of words of ‘love’. It should also be about your respect and admiration for them and appreciation for what they do.

Before you start writing – don’t make the mistake that most people make when writing a love letter. Never follow perfection! Your love letter doesn’t have to be perfect. What is most important is to write what’s in your heart for the person.

This guide will help you fill up your love letter with the right words that matter and can make the difference.

Starting Your Love Letter

Anyone who has ever written a lover letter knows that the most difficult part is the beginning. Finding the first few words can be the most daunting task. You will have lots of things in your mind, but wouldn’t be able to decide where to begin from.

The most effective way to get started is to express what you are feeling at the moment. Once you do that, it will become easier to go with the flow.

One direction is to build off notable quotes on love or romance quotes.

How You Feel About the Person & Their Qualities?

A love letter is more about the person you are writing to and how they make you feel. Most importantly, tell them precisely why you are taking all the time to write to them. Make sure you tell them about your affection from the beginning.

Describe all the things that they do or did and how you feel about them. Tell them what you think are their best qualities and what they may have done that made you feel grateful. These should be qualities that you think make the person seem special to you.

Also describe how you feel your life has changed after he came into your life. This can give the person a perspective into how important he is in your life.

Create a List – It will be best to create a list of all the things you love about the person on a separate piece of paper. This can include much more than what they did, such as their:

The love letter should tell them how you feel about all these points about them.

This is a place you don’t have to over-think. The qualities you appreciate in them may or may not be what the person considers to be their best. All you should do is to focus on what you like about them and what your heart says.

As an example, you can start your love letter with something like, “I like you most when you…..”

Tips on writing a Love Letter

Be Expressive – You should be as expressive as possible when writing a love letter. This is important and can make all the difference. Don’t generalize or be casual at any time. The person you are writing to matters to you a lot, and make them feel so. Use the right words that describe your feelings effectively.

Keep It Simple – When writing a love letter, keep everything simple. Love is expressed best when you don’t have to try too hard. In fact, you should try to share your deep feelings without trying to impress the person. You don’t have to be a great writer to create a piece of poetry. It can be simple, beautiful, and moving without having the most flattering words.

Shared History – Another thing you can write about is a happy memory that you may have shared with them. If you have spent some time together, there will be happy moments. Your love letter can relive the details of just a single one and you can share your feelings of the event. In fact, this can be one of the best ways to start your love letter. It will not only remind the person of the time you spent together, it can also make them feel special about you for remembering the details.

Such shared memories will help the person connect them readily. When you also describe how you feel about the time spent together, you allow them to see things from your perspective. You can also give a hint of how excited you feel about spending your future life with him. These can also include the things you look forward to share with him.

If you don’t have any shared moments with the person, you could recall the first time you saw them. It could also be the time you fell in love with him. Tell them how you felt about him at that moment and what all you wanted to tell him.

Where Does Your Relationship Stand?

While a love letter is all about expressing how you feel about the person, it is recommended to keep your current level of relationship in mind. If things are in the early stages, you would want to take it slowly.

You don’t want the bells to start ringing too early! It will be best if your love letter has expressions and emotions appropriate to where your relationship is presently. If you have just had your first date, there’s so much you can write, yet with some considerations.

Always Be Positive

As already mentioned, love letters are all about the good feelings, your love and admiration for the person. Let it be clear that there shouldn’t be any kind of criticism in your love letter. In fact, even gentle teasing should be avoided to prevent any misinterpretation. There’s a difference in how you express yourself when speaking and writing, and you may not always achieve the same results with both. If he’s you love interest, you should also remain positive to expect any kind of response.

Write From Your Heart – A love letter written from the heart is beautiful and ‘perfect’. It should be all about being respectful. You should be polite and courteous throughout the letter, using it as a medium too express your feelings which may not be as easy to explain in words. Remember, a love letter is something that not only expresses your deepest feelings. It should also make the person fall in love with you.

Be Honest – When you write a love letter, be honest in expressing your feelings. Don’t create something that’s not there and don’t make it feel like artificial. Share your true deepest feelings. Your letter doesn’t have to be long enough. The more honest and true you are, the more the special someone will feel connected to you. Remember, honesty goes miles in drawing someone’s attention and interest. It’s not something that’s easy to find these days!

Edit and Re-Edit Your First Draft

Once you think that your love letter is ready, there’s still a lot more to do. You should go through it at least twice before it is ready to be sent.

When you read through it again and again, you will come across so many things that you may feel should wait a little longer. Then there will be so many things you could add to enrich the letter further. In fact, editing your letter can make it even more beautiful while removing the flaws, if any.

Hand-Written Love Letters

Now that you have got a pretty good idea of how to write your love letter, it is recommended to have a hand-written letter. There’s a world of a difference between hand-written and printed love letters. The former represents your personality and is capable of creating a connection. It tells the person more about you. Even when they are reading the letter, their subconscious will be gaining more information about you from your handwriting. They will think of you from an entirely different perspective compared of reading a printed letter. Keep it natural and you will certainly notice the difference it makes. If you know how to write in cursive, do so! It looks great when well done.

Writing a love letter can be one of the most difficult things you can do as long as you keep it to your true feelings. You can write almost anything in it depending on the level of your relationship. A simple rule to writing an effective love letter is to write from your heart. Jot down everything you feel about the person and go through it time and again, editing and removing all the flaws. It is as simple as such and there’s no tact to it. Your goal is to show that you love, admire and respect the person, and if you are writing to a love interest, you shouldn’t ever worry about their response. Remember, life is all about expressing your love. Other things don’t matter!

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